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Part 1 Assignment
Open book exam (2014)

There are two parts assignments in the unit. Part 1 assignment is open book exam. The aim of part 1 is to achieve all the learning outcomes. In order to achieve a pass in this unit, students have to finish all the questions and achieve a pass. The open book exam will be in week 9.
Samples of the questions
A. Please answer the following questions (up to 200 words for each question):
1. List two advantages of taking credit card payment (business point of view). Please explain them with examples.

2. Define the term assets, current assets in the balance sheet. Give three examples and explain them.

3. What is the difference between fixed cost and variable costs? Give three examples of each.

4. Why do companies keep accounts? Please explain three purpose of business keeping accounts.

5. Mr Green plans to open a small fast food shop with a business partner. The capital for starting the business is £ 4,000. Mr Green and his business partner only have £2500 saving together at the moment.
a) Could you suggest Mr Green and his business partner some methods (at least two) to get the funding?
b) Please list the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

B. Calculate:
1. An analysis of the cash register in a hotel showed that 289 customers spent £68745.38. How much was the average spent of each customer?

2. A five-star hotel located in centre London has 438 bedrooms. If 270 bedrooms are occupied on 30 July, what is the occupancy percentage? Discuss the performance of the hotel on 30 July.

3. STA travel Ltd has bought a new photocopier for the business, at a cost of £5970. The company intends to replace it after six years. The photocopier could be sold at £1510 after six years. In year six how much would be the depreciation? Please use the straight-line method to calculate the depreciation.

4. Mrs. Brown bought one sofa from John Lewis. She paid by credit card and total payment on the invoice is £3,387.99. The VAT rate is 20%. Please calculate the selling price of the furniture and the VAT paid by Mrs. Brown.

5. John is selling hot-dogs at a busy shopping mall. The rent for the hot-dog stand at the shopping mall is £80 per day. The cost of per hot dog unit is 80p, and the selling price of each hot-dog is £1.50.

a) Please calculate the break-even point and explain that how many hot-dogs does John have to sell in order to make profit?

b) If John sells 300 hot-dogs per day, how much profit will John make?

Optional questions

c) In June 2013, John worked 30 days in the shopping mall to sell hot-dogs. The utility bills were £100 for June. What is the net profit for June if the tax is 40%?

d) What advice will you give to John in order to make more profit?

Part 2 Assignment
(Individual assignment)

There are two parts in the assignment. You are requested to finish all questions individually. The aim of part 2 is to achieve the learning outcomes 2 and 5. The submission week is week 11.

A. Prepare a costing sheet for the following recipe for four portions of flambéed chicken with asparagus.
Quantity Item Cost
4 Chicken breasts £1.50 each
15g Plain flour £0.66 per kg
30ml Olive oil £3.78 per litre
100g Shallots £3.49 per kg
60ml Brandy £13.07 per litre
300ml Chicken stock £1.67 per litre
600g Asparagus spears £ 5.83 per kg
50ml Crème fraiche £3.60 per litre

You are required to:
1. Calculate the recipe cost
2. Calculate the cost per portion
3. Calculate the quantity required for 70 portions
4. Calculate the selling price per portion to produce a 85% gross profit

Request: Please writing all workings (the calculation process which leads the results)

B. You have been asked to prepare a costing for an inclusive ten night package holiday to Venice, Italy.
The following information has been given to you
• The total number of seats is 48
• The costing for 48 return airline seats to Venice, Italy is £7120 in total
• The cost of airport taxes and other charges is to be £35 per person
• The Canal Hotel in Venice has submitted a price of £115 per night per twin room half board including all taxes
• The cost of a coach for airport transfers to and from the airport to the hotel is priced £8 per person

Please calculate:
1. What is the total cost for this package deal?
2. What is the cost per person based on selling all the seats?
3. What is the selling price per seat if the mark up is to be 35%?
4. What is the cost per seat if the break event sales point is set at 36 seats?
5. What is the profit if all 48 seats are sold given the break-even point is set at 36 seats and the profit mark-up is set at 35%

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