Контрольная на тему Human Resource Management for Service Industries

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Case Study/Background Info
All the activities in this assignment are group activities, which should be carried out in groups comprising of no more than four persons.
You are part of a hotel management consultancy business. An acquaintance of one of your group member owns a 130 bedrooms 2** hotel (with a bar and a 50-seater restaurant). The owner recently inherited money and decided to renovate the hotel and make it a 4 star hotel with 105 bedrooms, A cocktail bar, a gastropub (60 covers – open for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two meeting rooms (max capacity 20 delegates and 30 delegates).
Description of problem to be solved – Part 1 (LO1)
Your first challenge is to convince the owner to hire you. To do that you must first write a report about the importance of HRM in the hospitality industry, then suggest. Suggest a human resources Plan. To do this you must carry out the following tasks.
1. Identify and understand the primary purpose and components in HRM.
2. Be able to explain why these are important to the effective management of a hospitality business.
3. Analyse the current organizational chart and identify the staffing requirements to make it a 4* (including management, supervisory, full-time and part-time staff).
4. Create a new organizational chart, justifying the proposed changes to the star ratings
5. Write a report about all of the above (c750 words)
Each Group member must submit the same report (Groupwork c750 words) – Please indicate in the report the names of all the group members
Due Date
Week 5

Description of problem to be solved – Part 2 (LO3.1)
After obtaining the contract, you are now to advise the owner regarding the staffing requirements for the hotel. Your tasks are as follows.
1. Carry out job analysis for four of the staffing roles you have identified (these must be significantly different jobs).
2. Create person and job specifications for these four roles.
3. Compare various recruitment and selection techniques
4. Propose a recruitment and selection process for the four positions.
Submission – each group member must submit
Each group member is required to submit his/her job description + person specifications (circa 300 words) as well as the recruitment and selection process (circa 150 words) for his/her chosen position
Due Date
Week 11

Description of problem to be solved – Part 3 (LO4 and LO3.2)
To assist the new owner in understanding how HRM is practiced in the hospitality industry your mission is to investigate, and then compare and contrast, HRM practices in two other hotels. You must then draw conclusions from this investigation and recommend best practices to the new owner…
1. Select two hotel businesses that are serving the same markets, eg a “The Savoy” and “Waldorf Hilton”.

2. Investigate the following aspects of HRM at each hotel:
o The recruitment and selection process in each hotel
o Policies and procedure for performance Appraisal
o training and development policies and procedures;
3. Compare and contrast practice in the two hotels.
4. Draw conclusions and make recommendations about what would be best practice.
5. Present your findings, conclusions and recommendations in a 20 minute management meeting with the hotel owner (your tutor).
6. At least 24 hours before this meeting, you must send the owner (your tutor) an agenda for the meeting.
7. Before the meeting you must decide who in your team is going to take the minutes of the meeting.
8. Ensure that when you present your findings, conclusions and recommendations, you also have all the key information available for the owner in document form.
Agenda of the meeting; (Groupwork )
o A copy of the minutes of the management meeting;(Groupwork)
o 300 words Individual Reflections about the meeting and how it could have been improved. You could use the Self/Peer feedback form to inform your reflections
Due Date
• Meeting – Week 8
• Written part – Week 11

Description of problem to be solved – part 4 (LO2)
You are part of a collective bargaining team (either management or union) meeting to resolve 3 cases:
- One of the female floor housekeepers has found out that she is paid 15% less than a male colleague in the same job function. When she complained to the room division manager she was allegedly fired for being a troublemaker.
- The Assistant-Restaurant manager also contacted the union too because she was made redundant whilst on maternity leave. She took a year off following the birth of her child but when she decided to come back to work, she was told that her position had been filled. She was offered a job as a room service supervisor instead but refused it.
- A 3rd employee, a Receptionist feels that this is because he is homosexual because he has not been promoted in several years.
All 3 employees are now planning to sue the company for unfair dismissal/discrimination. The Union wants female employees to be reinstated in their job and also that all female staff receive the same pay as male colleagues. The also demand explanation as to why the room attendant was never promoted and threatens if the company refuses their demands they will call a strike.
See the briefing documents given to your teams by your lecturer and prepare a bargaining strategy. Prepare a bargaining strategy. You will meet with the other side for a 20 minute bargaining session toward the end of the module. You will be assessed for participation in the role play and you must produce an individual report for management on the content and decision of the session.
1. Your group will be assigned a position (either hotel management or union)
2. Prepare for the union vs management meeting, investigating appropriate legislations
3. Carry out meeting between Union and Management
4. One of your group members should take the minutes of the meeting

• A hand-out with your preparatory notes for the meeting; (groupwork - circa 600 words)
• a copy of the minutes of the negotiation meeting (groupwork);
• a 300 words individual reflections about the meeting and what could have been better. You could use the Self/Peer feedback form to inform your reflections.

HRM - задание и список литературы для прочтения и для референса в работе
Customer Service - пример, как должна выглядеть работа (шрифт, формат и т.д.)
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