Контрольная на тему контрольная работа № 2 вариант 2

Остался всего один шаг
Внесите свои контактные данные и переходите в кабинет для просмотра предложений авторов
Введите номер телефона
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Вариант 2

Задание 1. Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты. Переведите предложения на русский язык, подчеркните модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты.
1. Our company has to reserve accomodations for businessmen.
2. She couldn’t go to the theatre with us because she had to look through the correspondence of her manager.
3. I’ll have to leave the office earlier to meet my friend at the airport.
4. We were to pick up Mr. Grey at the hotel.
5. Mr. Bell will be able to meet you next week only.
6. Our company will be able to deliver the goods only in a month.

Задание 2. The Past’ Perfect Tense. Спросите, ответьте по образцу, переведите.
Образец а
- When DID you FINISH your work YESTERDAY?
- I HAD FINISHED it BY 5 o’clock.
- to ship goods to Bell & Co
- to deliver the machines to the Buyers
- to type the letters

Образец б
- No, I didn’t. When I CAME to the office he HAD ALREADY LEFT.
- to go to meet the representatives of the company
- to start talks with Mr. Brown

Задание 3. Passive Voice. Переведите предложения, подчеркните глагольную структуру.
1. The tickets to the theatre are usually booked by my father.
2. At the airport I was asked to check in for the flight.
3. The matter will be clarified by the Agent, in the nearest future.
4. Many new hotels have been built in Leningrad lately.
5. The commercial centre had been built by last year.

Задание 4. Переведите предложения с русского языка на английский, используя конструкцию страдательного залога ( Passive Voice).
1. Товар не был поставлен во время.
2. Много сделок заключается нашей фирмой каждый год.
3. Приемщики будут отправлены на завод покупателя.
4. Телекс был отправлен к концу недели.

Задание 5. Participle I, Participle 2. Перепишите и письменно переведите на русский язык, подчеркните Participle I, Participle 2.
1. We got in touch with the firm producing computers.
2. Negotiating the conditions of purchase we informed the sellers that we needed the goods.
3. We expect to receive all the materials ordered during the first half of the year.
4. Some of the holidays celebrated in the USA originated in Europe.
5. Going up in the lift I met an old friend of mine.

Задание 6. Переведите предложения с русского языка на английский, используя Participle I, Participles.
1. Мы получили письмо от фирмы, поставляющей нам товар.
2. Приемщик, осмотревший оборудование, сегодня уезжает.
3. Оборудование, подготовленное к отправке, будет доставлено в срок.
4. Турнир ( tournament), проходившей в Москве, был организован Спортивным Комитетом.

Задание 7. Present Conditional Tenses. Переведите предложения с английского языка на русский, подчеркните глагольные структуры.
1. I wouldn’t buy the suit if I found the price too high.
2. He would go to the stadium if he wanted to watch a football match.
3. If I were a businessman I would quote a new price for the goods.
4. If the weather were good we would go to the beach.
Задание 8. Поставьте глаголы в нужной форме, употребляя Present Conditional Tenses, переведите предложения.
1. I ( to be able) to do a much better job if I ( not to be) too tired now.
2. If he ( go in for) sport he ( to join) us at the stadium, I am sure.
Задание 9. Задайте все типы вопросов, переведите.
Delivery will be required within two months after we place order.

Задание 10. Переведите следующее коммерческое письмо.

Dear Sirs,
In accordance with your request of June 5, …. and our previous discussions, we are happy to submit to you our offer for a colour tube manufacturing line. In making this quotation, our organization co – operated with many colour equipment experts.
In the attached details, you will find all the details of our proposal, prices, delivery terms and conditions.
We are ready to visit you in Moscow for negotiations and for the signing of the contract. At the same time, we would like to invite a term of Russian specialists to visit and inspect the equipment at the plant in the USA, prior to the signing of the contract.
Truly yours,
Brown & Co Inc
1. colour tube manufacturing line – линия по производству кинескопов
2. prior – до
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