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to choose a company with a strong international presence, which is familiar to you either through direct working experience or through compiling the data from secondary sources, like business periodicals, Web sites etc.Please write an essay (normally, up to 15 pages) about various approaches crafted and implemented by this company in order to gain sustainable competitive advantage in a number of important international markets and earn superior returns for its shareowners.You may wish to focus on different areas of the company’s business activities, including, for example, manufacturing, procurement, research and technological development, or distribution, and you are free to decide on primary areas of your interest in functional fields inside the company (marketing, sales, finance, operations etc.).While considering the firm’s international activities, please pay specific attention to the following issues:1. Identify the main parameters of the firm’s external environment at the level of general, industry and competitive areas that might influence the company’s market positioning.2. Evaluate key resources, capabilities and core competencies of the company in question and assess how they are integrated and coordinated in the inner structure of the firm to assist the company in achieving a favorable competitive position in the international market.3. Explore the business-level approaches employed by the firm in key product and geographic markets and comment on their appropriateness for withstanding the competitive rivalry in the long-term period.4. Explain the impact of international competitive rivalry and competitive dynamics on the firm’s actions and responses in certain product markets where the company generates most of its revenues and profits.5. Investigate various types of corporate-level activities chosen by the firm to gain a competitive edge over its rivals, including diversification, acquisitions and international entrepreneurship.
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