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I. Переведите Переведите письменно существительные (1–10). Выберите опреде- письменно существительные (1–10). Выберите опреде- письменно письменно существительные (1–10). Выберите опреде- существительные (1–10). Выберите опреде- существительные существительные (1–10). Выберите опреде- (1–10). (1–10). Выберите опреде- Выберите Выберите опреде- опреде- опреде оее--
ления (a–j), соответствующие существительным:
1) government a) state of being not dependent on or controlled by
other persons or things
2) unemployment b) physical or mental work
3) position c) body of persons governing a state
4) labor d) come to ruin, meet disaster
5) earn e) investing money; sum of money that is invested
6) crisis f) state of being unemployed
7) independence g) reduction in size, amount, length, etc.
8) crash h) to receive a particular amount of money for the
work that you do
9) cut i) person’s place or rank in relation to others; job,
10) investment j) a difficult time when there is less trade, business
activity in a country than usual
II. В следующих предложениях подчеркните определения, выражен-
ные именем существительным, и переведите эти предложения на рус-
ский язык.
1) Google said it never meant to collect people’s private information, like
e-mails and passwords.
2) This week a research group reported a drop in sales.
3) President Obama has signed legislation to reform the health care system
in the United States.
III. a) Выполните КОПР № 2, 4.
б) В следующих предложениях подчеркните глагол-сказуемое, опре-
делите его видовременную форму и залог. Переведите предложения на
русский язык.
1) Next week, leaders of the world’s largest economies will meet in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
2) Most new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses.
3) Small businesses were hit hard by the recession and problems in getting
IV. В следующих предложениях подчеркните модальный глагол или
его эквивалент. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1) 3-D TV and Google’s new phone could help in recovering from a bad year.
2) Two thousand nine may be remembered as the year the world avoided
an economic depression.
3) Like netbooks, tablets cost less than traditional laptop computers that
can also mean smaller profits for manufacturers and sellers.
V. В следующих предложениях подчеркните Participle 1 и Participle 2
и укажите, является ли оно определением, обстоятельством или частью
глагола-сказуемого. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1) Medium and small banks also face a growing risk.
2) Congress included state aid in the two-year plan approved in February.
3) American housing sales have improved in recent months.
VI. Прочитайте и устно переведите на русский язык весь текст.
Письменно переведите абзацы 1, 2.
Half of US Jobs Now Held by Women
1. Women are on their way to holding more than half of all American jobs.
The latest government report shows that their share of jobs nearly reached
fifty percent in September. Not only have more and more women entered the
labor market over the years, but the recession has been harder on men. In
October the unemployment rate for men was almost eleven percent, compared
to eight percent for women.
2. Industries that traditionally use lots of men have suffered deep cuts. For
example, manufacturing and building lost more jobs last month. But health
care and temporary employment services have had job growth. Both of those
industries employ high percentages of women. Thirty years ago, women earned
sixty-two cents for every dollar that men earned. Now, for those who usually
work full time, women earn about eighty percent of what men earn. Women
hold fifty-one percent of good-paying management and professional jobs.
3. Men still hold about nine out of every ten top positions at the four hundred
largest companies in California. The results have remained largely unchanged
in five years of studies have been interviewed fifteen women. They all value
their independence and many enjoy having the power of control. But women 13
also feel pressure, worry and guilt as women still take care of the children.
Also, men who are not the main earners may feel threatened.
4. The job market continues to suffer the effects of last year’s financial
crash. Now, a judgment has been reached in the first case involving charges
of criminal wrongdoing on Wall Street. Last week, the government lost its
case against two managers at Bear Stearns, the first investment bank to fail
last year. The Justice Department continues to investigate other companies.
(From the VOA Special English Economics Report, written by Mario Ritter,
2009, November)
VII. Определите, являются ли приведенные ниже утверждения (1, 2, 3):
а) истинными (true)
б) ложными (false)
в) в тексте нет информации (no information).
1) The unemployment rate for men and women was the same.
2) Health care and temporary employment services employ high percentages
of women.
3) An economic research group reported this week that the recession in the
United States ended in June of last year.
VIII. Прочитайте абзац 3 и ответьте письменно на следующий вопрос:
Where do men still hold about nine out of every ten top positions?
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