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Вариант 11 Read and translate the text.Manager.1) In a fairly small company the Production Manager is, by far, the most important role. Because, usually, small companies sell products (or services) that are "easy to sell" or they have a well-defined market (customer base). So, their need for a Public Relations Manager and a Marketing Manager is not as big as for a Production Manager. Regarding the Financial Manager and the Human Resources Manager, in a small business usually these functions are undertaken by the owner of the business or are distributed among the administrative staff. So, these two also may not be as important as the Production Manager who is in charge of the nitty and gritty of the business.2) Now, in a large company where thousands of employees work, dozens of products are sold, and millions of dollars are administered, you will hardly do without any of the managers you mentioned. Probably, the one that may not be so dispensable is the Public Relations Manager. But, this will depend on what industry (or sector) you are talking about. Some industries depend very much on Public Relations activities (e.g. consulting industry, other professional services industries). In large companies, in general, just imaging taking out any of the managers you listed. The business, for sure, will be unsustainable. For instance, imagine Procter & Gamble without a Marketing Manager, or a bank without a Financial Manager, of a service-oriented business without a Human Resource Manager.3) Despite what I said before, the best practices of business require ALL those managers you listed. Therefore, unless you have very desperate cash need, you better hire all of them! If you were to decide which one to begin with, you can measure his or her value (priority) by calculating the losses that your company would suffer if he or she were not present.2 Rewrite the following sentences in the passive.(Сделайте следующие предложения в страдательном залоге)Example: They discuss important subjects every lunch time.(active)Important subjects are discussed every lunch time (passive)1 They announced the date for the talks.2 The Government is now building a lot of new schools in the provinces.3 They will have completed the new motorway by Christmas.4 We haven’t cleaned the house for weeks.5 In the next ten years, woman will have achieved full equality.3 Complete each sentence in reported speech (Переделайте каждое предложение в косвенную речь)Example: Let me help you.My friend offered to help me.1 Can you answer the phone? I’m having a shower.He asked his son ____________________________2 I gave you my homework last week. The boy insisted ____________________________3 Could you come and pick me up from school today, dad?Billy asked ________________________________.4 Can I have some more pocket money?The boy asked ___________________________5 Where were you born?She asked him__________________________4. Переведите предложения на русский язык. Выпишите неличные формы глагола (инфинитив, причастие, герундий). Определите их формы и синтаксические функции в предложении.1 Managers need to operate as members of many different working groups or task teams.2 At the same time managers are becoming slightly more professional in the sense of being self-reliant and independent.3 The nature of management work shows a change of emphasis.5 Составьте все виды вопросов к предложению.Leadership also depends on the situation in which the manager operates1 General question2 Special question3 Who…4 Alternative question5Tag question6 Образуйте сложное прилагательное и переведите на русский.Example: 1a (well-built)-хорошо сложенный1 broad A dressed 2 well B haired 3 one C eyed 4 blond D looking 5 good E minded
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