Контрольная на тему ВАРИАНТ № 1 (А – О) Задание I: Прочитайте текст, переведите письменно. Выпишите и объясните случаи употребления заглавных букв в тексте: The first invention of human beings was the wheel. Although no wheel forms are found in nature, undoubtedly the earlie

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ВАРИАНТ № 1 (А – О)

Задание I: Прочитайте текст, переведите письменно. Выпишите и объясните случаи употребления заглавных букв в тексте:
The first invention of human beings was the wheel. Although no wheel forms are found in nature, undoubtedly the earliest “wheels” were smooth logs which were used for moving weights over the earth’s surface. No one recorded who he or she was or when it happened, but when the “first inventor” placed a wheel on an axle, people began to roll from one place to another. Records of this type of wheel have been found among Egyptian relics dating back to 2,000 B.C. and earlier Chinese civilizations are credited with independent invention of the same mechanism. The wheel so fascinated the human mind that people have spent centuries building machines around it; yet in over 4,000 years its basic design has remained unchanged. All about us we see the spinning shafts, gears, flywheels pulleys, and rotors which are the descendants of the first wheel. The roaring propeller of an aircraft engine, the whirling wheel of a giant steam turbine, and the hairspring of a tiny watch are examples of the rotary motion which characterizes our mechanical world. It is hard to conceive of continuous motion without the wheel.

Задание II: Подготовьте пересказ текста

Задание III: Подготовьте 5 вопросов разного типа к тексту и ответов на них (письменно)

Задание IV: Прочитайте предложения.Выберите то, которое лучше всего выражает главную идею текста и переведите его письменно:
a. The wheel is used today in industry and transportation.
b. One of human beings/ first inventions, the wheel, has remained important for 4,000 years.
c. The basic design of the wheel has been changed to meet the needs of industrial society.
d. Although we don’t know exactly who invented the wheel, it is evident that the Egyptians and Chinese used it about 4,000 years ago.

Задание V: Вставьте местоимения там, где это необходимо.
I / we / myself / ones / you / he / his / she / her / that /our/ours /me/ it
1. John, are ____ sure that ______’ve taken all ___things?
2. __don’t think__green ball on the book case is__, don’t take ___.
3. Can____ give __ the book on fishing?
4. _____ isalways so strange to deal with my nephew! ____ pink socks are on the lamp. Are those thenew ___ ____ has bought in a shop?
5. ____feel__slightly mad about my daughter! ____ hasn’t done ____ home task yet!

Задание VI: Раскройте скобки, выбрав герундий либо инфинитив.
1. He’d like to watch me___(learn) Chinese.
2. Do you expect him ___(pass) this course?
3. Jack didn’t want to see her___(stay).
4.Mr Penn doesn’t let anyone__(leave) the office before 7.45.
5. The film was sad.It kept me___(cry).
6. Please, don’t tell anyone! I want it___(be) a surprise!
7. The police made everyone___(tell) the truth.
Задание VII: Раскройте скобки, выбрав корректную форму глагола. Письменно переведите предложения c английского на русский:
When I___(wake up) yesterday morning, my husband___(stand) near my bed looking wild. He ___(give) me his shirt to iron while I __(wash) my face.When I __(make) his breakfast I___(step) onto our elder cat’s tail. While the cat___(cry) my younger son___(get up).He___(give) me his uniform to clean at the very moment our younger cat___(sneeze) on my husband’s shirt. While I___(try) cleaning it, my husband___(eat) his breakfast and coldly___(say) “good buy”
Задание VIII: Письменно переведите предложения c русского на английский:
1. Гдесведения, полученныеотМайка? Я немогуихнигденайти. – Я тоже. Думаю, тебеследуетпоискатьихлибонастоле, либо в компьютерныхфайлах.
2. Пьеса, несомненно, имеетогромный успех.И я, и моидрузьяееужепосмотрели.
3. И слова, и грамматикаэтогоурокабылинеоченьтрудными, нони я, нимоидрузьянесмоглихорошонаписатьконтрольнуюработу.
Задание IX: Подготовьте письменное сообщение на профессиональную тематику:
« Моя профессия в современном мире»
Задание X: Подготовьте устный ответ по разговорным темам

1. The UK
2. London
3. William Shakespeare
4. English-speaking world
5. VisitingEnglish-speaking countries
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